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Candle Silva

Olfactory signature

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Hemp & organic cotton fabric

An indispensable in your wardrobe!

This collection highlight a raw fabric without dye, natural and durable. It gets better with time. Its neutral color is subtle and modular. Hemp threads remain apparent, like exceptional imperfections.

100% Natural : Hemp


Absorbs moisture

Thermoregulator (keeps you cool in summer & warm in winter)

Hypoallergenic for sensitive skin

100% Comfort

Very nice and soft material

Fitting Oversize, loose and comfortable


100% Quality

Neat finishes

Neck tape

Cotton thread embroidery

Thick quality fabrics : 220 g


100% Experience

Transparency and Traceability of the product

T-shirt authentication

Second hand anticipation

Enriched experience

T-shirt care

Collection 01: Production Steps

Olfactory signature

In parallel with the development of the first t-shirt, Corinne, Mom of the creators, worked on the creation of a scent linked to WAVI's DNA. After 6 months of work, she managed to develop a fragrance, brand identity. You discovered it in preview when you received the t-shirt. The end-of-year celebrations are the perfect time to introduce you to an essential product, the WAVI's candle, Olfactory Signature.

Made in France

Made by Claire, perfumery consultant in Grasse and founder of Passion Nez.

Signature fragrance created for WAVI

Perfume made in Grasse without CMR (carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic), without phthalate, and without animal matter

Vegetable base

Mix of 100% vegetable soy and coconut wax, from France

Sweet & woody scent

Top notes: rhubarb, Brazil orange essential oil

Heart Notes: Indonesian patchouli essential oil, woody accord

Base notes: musk, gourmet accord


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