Hemp & organic cotton fabric

An indispensable in your wardrobe!

This collection highlight a raw fabric without dye, natural and durable. It gets better with time. Its neutral color is subtle and modular.

100% Natural : Hemp


Absorbs moisture

Thermoregulator (keeps you cool in summer & warm in winter)

Hypoallergenic for sensitive skin

100% Comfort

Very nice and soft material

Fitting Oversize, loose and comfortable


100% Quality

Neat finishes

Neck tape

Cotton thread embroidery

Thick quality fabrics : 220 g


100% Experience

Transparency and Traceability of the product

T-shirt authentication

Second hand anticipation

Enriched experience

T-shirt care

Collection 01: Production Steps

Wavi's Origin

5th July, 2020

It's time to go home. I am on the train to Grenoble, where I grew up, to see my family. It's been exactly 3 years since I moved to England, after receiving my 3D Bachelor's degree, to do a professional internship with a renowned London film studio. A bell rings and we arrived in Paris. Beautiful, lush, captivating Paris, with its rich cultural heritage and its trendy fashion boutiques. I have always liked this sort of environment, modern beauty with the backdrop of history and culture, which I also find in London. Great cities and great creators have always inspired me, such as Philip Knight, co-founder of Nike and Virgil Abloh, the designer behind the street wear brand Off White and creative director of legendary fashion house, Louis Vuitton. "You can do it too" Abloh said after his debut collection for Louis Vuitton menswear at Paris fashion week in June of 2018, and so I thought, YES, I can. Why not combine my desire with my job? I have always been creative, I enjoy designing pieces and objects with a clean and minimalist theme. I want to bring my personal style, 3D design experience and a touch of madness to a clothing brand. I take out my pencil and a piece of paper with a determined desire to begin a new journey. As I approach Grenoble, a t-shirt with curves takes shape. I draw a line, starting straight and ending in waves like a heart coming back to life, beating again. A month later, during a trip to Rome with my friend, something clicked. We’ll call the brand WAVI. A mix of the English “WAVE”, like the wave of a heartbeat machine and the French “VIE”, the word for life. I find that this name speaks to me and inspires me in the way my favorite creators and cities do. So, let’s go !

Co-founder Loris


01.ORIGIN Lookbook


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