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Created by Loris and his sister Alicia, WAVI is a committed and innovative clothing brand that wants to bring two worlds together: Ecology and Technology. It emphasizes its collaboration with French and virtuous suppliers, its use of responsible materials and its digital universe.

WAVI, Sustainable & Innovative Brand

T-shirt collection 01 WAVI chanvre et coton biologique

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In a process of transparency, we have chosen to work with Clear Fashion to inform you clearly and reliably about the manufacturing impact of our clothes, with the guarantee of an independent third party.

You can find the Fashion Score on each of our product sheets, and thus know their impact on the environment, social, health, and animals. The information displayed is an overall rating of the garment out of 100, and on each of the four themes (100-80: excellent / 80-60: very good / 60-40: good), as well as the evaluation criteria with the most weight on the note.

Together, let's make transparency a norm!

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