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Created by Loris and his sister Alicia, WAVI is a committed and innovative clothing brand that aims to bring together two worlds: Ecology and Technology. It emphasizes its collaboration with French and virtuous suppliers, its use of responsible materials, and its digital universe.

Our brand DNA

Responsible Materials

Hemp & Organic Cotton

Digital Universe

Enriched customer experience

Local Suppliers


WAVI, Sustainable & Innovative Brand


Committed to using hemp for the first collection, a plant with many qualities.

Responsible innovation through the acquisition of a digital certificate, bringing together authenticity, uniqueness, and transparency of the product.

Our Missions

Discover our commitments as a “Société à Missions” and the creators of the brand

Collection 01.Origin

T-shirt collection 01 WAVI chanvre et coton biologique

It revolves around two unisex T-shirts, the Floqué and the Brodé, made of an undyed natural fabric consisting of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton, knitted in  Auvergne Rhone Alps.

Collection 02.Venus Meets Time

Sweatshirt Noir coton biologique WAVI

Sweatshirts and hoodies, made from organic cotton, will be the hallmark of this second collection. Always in collaboration with ethical and French suppliers, these garments are made in a solidarity and respectful manner.

Collection 03.Travels

A new diverse range of organic cotton and hemp t-shirts, in both oversized and fitted styles, will be the cornerstone of this collection. And as the cherry on top, embark on a journey around the world with your Wavi cap, also available for your child!

In a transparency approach, we have chosen to work with Clear Fashion to provide you with clear and reliable information about the manufacturing impact of our clothes, with the guarantee of an independent third party.

You can find the Fashion Score on each of our product sheets, and thus learn about their impact on the environment, social aspects, health, and animals. The information displayed represents an overall rating of the garment out of 100, and on each of the four themes (100-80: excellent / 80-60: very good / 60-40: good), as well as the evaluation criteria with the most weight on the score.

Together, let's make transparency a norm!

Clear fashion

Thanks to our customers for these kind feedback!

“Order received….Everything is perfect!
The t-shirt is beautiful, the material is perfect!
It is so comfortable to wear 😍😍
And how good does it smell when we open our package!
Can't wait to see the next collection to order again!”


“Material very pleasant to wear, impressive by its power
thermoregulator. Congratulations to the creators for this beautiful surprise”


“More than satisfied! Very comfortable to wear both summer and winter. A unique piece to have in your dressing room for a chic or sportswear look, I recommend!”


“Parcel well received in London. The product is of high quality and very easy to maintain. Comfortable t-shirt with a top design!”