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Chanvre Marque

Why Hemp for this first Collection?

Considered one of the most environmentally friendly and responsible fibers in the world, hemp has many virtues for developing affordable and sustainable fashion. Its rapid and natural growth rate reduces the need for water by 80%, avoids the use of pesticides, and makes hemp an undeniable carbon well. Its management, distribution, and local storage minimize CO2 emissions.

Yesterday forgotten, today spearhead of a responsible economy for its many qualities, hemp intruded into many sectors of activity, fuel, cleaning products, insulation of the habitat, textile decoration and even skin care.

Certified Organic Cotton

The T-shirt from the 01.Origin collection is made of organic cotton certified Organic Content Standard. Environmental requirements are met (no pesticides and GMOs, reduced water consumption...) and transparency of the product is highlighted.

Digital Certificate

A new passive technology that brings many advantages to the textile industry. Already used by major luxury brands to fight counterfeiting, this label will inject a new wind for eco-responsible fashion.

Smart Label

Enriched experience with many benefits


Verify the authenticity of your product: by registering your t-shirt on our platform, a unique number is generated.

Client Experience

Enjoy a real augmented reality experience.

Second Hand

Provide a guarantee of the product and transparency on its provenance on the different stages of the product (production, customer…)

Facilitate recycling

Permanently identify the origin of the product and its production.