Collection 03.Travels

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100 % Sustainable

Hemp @ Organic Cotto&


Absorbs moisture

Thermoregulator (keeps you cool in summer & warm in winter)

Hypoallergenic for sensitive skin

No chemicals used

Reasoned water use

Recycling of fabric from production scraps

100 % Solidarity

Committed suppliers, carefully selected

T-shirts : Knitting to finished product made in France

Production in a “France Terre Textile” certified workshop employing disabled workers

100 % Quality

Careful finishing

Cleanliness band at the collar

High quality thick fabric

100 % Experience

Transparency and Traceability of the product

Anticipation of Second-hand

Enriched experience

Maintenance of the t-shirt

Production steps of the hemp t-shirts in this collection

Production steps of the organic cotton t-shirts in this collection