Olfactory Signature

In parallel with the development of the first t-shirt, Corinne, the mother of the creators, worked on creating a scent that would be linked to WAVI's DNA. After 6 months of work, she successfully developed a fragrance that became the identity of the brand. You got a sneak peek of it during the reception of the t-shirt. The end-of-year holidays are the perfect time to introduce you to an essential product, the WAVI olfactory signature candle.

Made in France

Crafted by Claire, a perfume consultant in Grasse and founder of Passion Nez.

Signature fragrance created for WAVI

Fragrance made in Grasse without CMR (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, and Reprotoxic), without phthalates, and without animal-derived materials.

Vegetable base

Blend of 100% vegetable Soy and Coco wax, sourced from France.

Bewitching and woody scent

Top notes: rhubarb, Brazilian orange essential oil

Heart notes: Indonesian patchouli essential oil, woody accord

Base notes: musk, gourmand accord